Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in this life and who you choose for your mortgage goes hand in hand with the story that you will tell years later about your home buying experience. There have been many industry changes, but there are a few constants that stand the test of time that customers want the BEST PRODUCT for their situation, the BEST DEAL, and the BEST EXPERIENCE while purchasing their new home.

My 22 years of experience is my #1 asset. There are 25 milestone points to a mortgage and many people who touch the file from the signing of the contract to the closing table. My experience makes me the BEST PERSON to manage those milestone points and people. I have the ability to find the solutions, and I use my creative thinking to navigate through the problems that could arise at each milestone point.

The key to my “Concierge Contract to Closing” Team’s success is systems, systems, and more systems. I broke down the milestone points and created systems so many of the pieces have been deleted, they are done automatically, or they are done by only the best people in the city. With the last 16 years of my career being inside a real estate office, I uniquely understand the realtor’s point of view. Realtors want to know that their buyer is going to be treated like family, the lender is going to be available every step of the way, and they want to have communication on the milestone points from the signing of the contract to the closing table.

The contract is the most important piece of the transaction because it has timelines such as how many days a borrower has to make loan application, timelines to have loan approval, and timelines to close on the home. Although a mortgage company is not a party to the contract, the mortgage company is the single part of the transaction that can train wreck your file and kill the dreams of home ownership for the buyer. I learned a long time ago to make the contract the most important piece of the file, follow all of the timelines, meet all of the timelines, and make sure every closing closes on time, EVERY FILE, EVERY TIME!

I look forward to helping my buyers and my realtors by creating THE BEST EXPERIENCE while helping families achieve the dream of home ownership!


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