Items Needed for Loan Application

To complete the loan process in a smooth and timely manner, it is important that we obtain a few documents from you upfront.  Please keep in mind, this is a standard list and not all items will apply to you.

Required Documents

 Valid Drivers License

 Paystubs (covering most recent 1 consecutive month of pay)

 W2s and/or 1099s from all employers (for the most recent 2 years)

 SSA-1099s from Social Security Administration (for the most recent 2 years)

 Bank Statements (covering most recent 2 consecutive months, including all pages…even if blank or cleared checks)

Gift Funds (if applicable)

 Gift letter (we can provide letter) signed by gift donor and  borrower(s)
 Copy of gift donor’s check
 Copy of deposit receipt from the deposit of gift donor’s check into borrower’s bank account
 Copy of gift donor’s most recent bank statement to show gift funds are available (including all pages…with nothing crossed out or redacted)

Purchase Loan

 Agreement of Sale with All Addenda…Your real estate agent will provide this
 Earnest Money Deposit Check…Your real estate agent will provide this
 Homeowner’s Insurance Company (include company name, agent’s name, phone number and new policy/member number)

Refinance Loan

 Mortgage Statement(s) for all mortgages against property being refinanced
 Real Estate Tax bills for the prior year for the property being refinanced (School and County/Municipal)
 Homeowner’s Insurance “Declarations” page (summary of coverage, annual premium and renewal date)

Business Owner (other than a sole-proprietorship, such as an S-Corp, LLC, LP, etc.)

 Federal Income Tax Returns with all Schedules – Business Returns (for the most recent 2 years)

Divorced/Separated (including prior divorces)

 Divorce Decree
 Separation Agreement outlining alimony/child support and division of assets/liabilities

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